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Order your Resposive WebPage, Online Store and much more, now from 99€

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Visit Card & Flyer


Now from 16€

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Android & iOS


Fast and professional App developing for every occasion, no matter what do you need..

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Web Hosting


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Hallo , Wellcome to N Design !

This is what we do :

Web Page´s:

(Static, Responsive, Modern, Old School, Joomla, Wordpress, Online Stores and much more...)


Graphic Design:

(For commercials, events, flyers, visit cards, facebook etz.)


Digital Print:

(T-Shirt´s, Auto Commercial, Visit card´s, Flyer´s, Sticker´s and much more


Apps for Android/iOS devices


Web Hosting:

For your Web Page






You can download free developing tools here :

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Or you can buy it all here :

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Android & iOS Developing


We are developing Apps for you, Android & iOS , Online Stores, Blogs or whatever you want. Download our free App (only example) at :

Google Play Stor and Apple App Store


Responsive Web Page

Modern and Responsive WebPage, with Contact form and gallery (4 pages) now from 99 €




You can order your auto branding stickers and plastic foil with your design and firma data.



Visit Card

Order you a Visit Cards DeLux or Standard quality,with free design, now from 16€



Available at any time:

+49 163 129 69 55



Payment possible with:



Google AD:



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